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Anyone with a Mk 2 black 172

  R5 Gordini Turbo

I have just notices that on the top edge of the drivers side door the paint is bubbling up. Has anyone else noticed this?

Depends what you mean by bubbling up.

I had this problem when i picked my car up (black mk 172). The dealer told me that it is dirt in the paint and not rust.

I found it all over the car, on the insides of door frames etc. My mate at work got his wife a black 1.2 clio and his had the same problems.

I was a bit cheesed off, but when my Dad was buying his new car, I was explaining the problems I had had with reno to the manager at the ford garage, and he told me that his son was picking up a black clio in a couple of weeks time. The manager asked me to show him where his son should look for this problem and led me to a fiesta to point out the problem areas. I opened up the fiestas door, and lo and behold, the fiesta had the same problem.

On the up-side, my dealer gave me a £500 credit as a good will gesture :)

So its not just clios and its not rust... well, not in my case anyway.


Ps I did post about this months and months ago, under a topic called something like "girlracer.... have you got any nipples", and this will probably give you more details.