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anyone with alpine 9812 head unit


ClioSport Club Member
  E46 330i tourer

im planning on fitting my head unit today and was wondering where does the battery cable go on the head unit because its to short to go th the battery. help please


[Edited by Craig on 23 July 2005 at 9:49am]

Connect it to the grey fuse box, youll need to buy some cable and connectors for the battery though. Thought this was a bit of a jip when I brought mine! :cry:
  05 1.2 Dynamique

yeah, that was a real pain in the ass for me as well, i had that back when i drove a yaris and that was a reet pain in the fookin ass to get to the battery. i got one of those bayonet fittings or whatever theyre called and put an extra 2 metres one the end of it. worth it in the end though!