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anyone with esure

  Focus ST3 + proper Mini

Its that time of year again when the dreaded insurance is due on the 172.

My renewal from Directline came in the post saturday and has come down £100. Premium of £574.35 fully protected NCB (5yrs) +1 claim in 2003 (total loss)

esure have now quoted me £390.93 for the same excess etc.

The car is standard apart from the head unit.

Has anyone had dealings with esure? seriously tempted to go with them. just a bit weary after having the misfortunes of being insured with HIC (Highway insurance cowboys).

  Focus ST3 + proper Mini

I take it that no one is then??

Been getting some right stupid quotes:-

Sainsburys (done through esure) - £420

churchill - £830!!

More than - wont even quote me!!
  Mercedes SLK350

Im with E-sure. As long as your car is standard spec. and your not planning to modify, then go for it.

My 182 is standard apart from Alpine h/u.

Ive not had a problem with E-sure, (then again I have not claimed) they have been very helpful on numerous occasions.
  black gold 182

now youve all got me thinkin,cheapest i got on my 182 was 590,with norwich union through rac,with me being 25 having 8 yrs no claims i thought i shud be getting cheaper,unless they still dont like my age!!!!



Im with First Alternative, esures sister company. For some reason esure wouldnt cover me, could be the points!!
  Focus ST3 + proper Mini

thats nice to know lee. Ill try FA for a quote and see what they come up with.

do they issue free cover notes etc for courtesy cars?


  Focus ST3 + proper Mini

First alternative have come out at £406 so it looks like Ill be going with esure.

cheers for all the info