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Apologies for another stalk/hu question!

  FF 182
Right, first of all i have a 54 182, and a sony cdx-gt929u to go in it.

i have been down to the local motor world and bought autoleads pc99-x12 and relevant patch lead (also autoleads)

i have had the dash off and connected the lead to the back of the clock and then connected everything else as it says in the very very poor instructions, put the 3.5mm jack into the blue port at the back of the hu.

i put everything back together and the only thing i have achieved (which isnt what i set out to do) is keep the time on the hu without it going back to 0100! The stalk controls however dont work.

i have been doing a bit of reading on here (like a good boy) and read about this canbus thing which came into renaults as of 2005 and im thinkin maybe it came in late 2004, ie on the 54 plate?

can anyone advise me as to what leads are the correct ones for my car and hu?

  FF 182
if i order from u, will the hu still save the time and track i was last on etc? is that 47 squids for both cables?
Stalks only,stalk and display are
not available for the update list for Sony.

You will retain the time and temp but not track info

yes it is 47 for both cables

  FF 182
will i retain the correct time, settings etc on the sony head unit. before i put the autoleads pc99 x12 in each time i would get in my car and put the head unit front back on the time on it reset to 0100 and all the settings (equalizer etc) i would have to redo, does that make any sense?! sorry if i doesnt!
thats to do with your radio not the stalks,youd need to swap the red and yellow round as the autoleads loom has done that on the loom

  FF 182
sorry if im being a r****d i dont really understand what ur saying!

to keep the time correct on the head unit and so it would dim when the headlights are on and to enable the stalk controls would i have to use ur cables in conjunction with autoleads? or do i swap the red and yellow (i presume they be wires) and that will keep the time correct on the head unit.

Also what is ur returns policy if things dont work out?
you dont need the autoleads adapter because it doesnt work for it,the correct autoleads version is £60 for the interface alone.
to keep the time,etc correct you need to change round the red and yellow wires on your headunit.
To keep the dash dim working correctly you need to attach the dimming wire from the headunit (provided it has the wire) to the side light 12v feed.

if it doesnt work send it back and ill refund but ive never sent out one that hasnt worked.
  FF 182
right, the autoleads went back today for a refund :D changed the red n yellow wires round so that all good now.

next thing then is to purchase from u matt!

will pm u now, cheers for your help guys!