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Apparently ive broken my mums car :O ---help!!!!

  Lunar Mk1 & Flamer
Right o, iveborrowed my mums car for the past month wile i get the niggles sorted with the valver.

Pug 306 Xt Automatic

She lives in kent i live in dorset.

I have had it for a month no probs at all! in fact other than the fact its automatic its quite a nice drive.

I went on holiday when my ,mum was also on holiday and left her car on her driveway and posted key through the letterbox - idea being she could pick me up from airport :)

However i get a text message saying that the car is broken and is a danger to drive!

Appareently the exhaust has fallen off!

and it "chugs along like a train"

Going from first to 4th the second you pull away?!

Is this related to the exhausty or os it a different matter?

It was fine when i had it! yet a week later its knackered?!
Really worried, ive been so careful with it as its not mine! Only to find its broken anyway!

Any advicce would be reallty appreciated as iam really worried its my mums pride and joy !

A worried ZM2k


ClioSport Admin
  Clio Trophy #355
Ahh but i think the real question she needs to be asking herself is do the fog lights work? ;)


ClioSport Admin
  Clio Trophy #355
Either way they were both built by this man:

The exhaust can fail at any time. Just pot liuck. You cna get copy cat parts cheap though shouldn't cost much.
The 1st to 4th is propobly explained as the exhaust is broken.
  Lunar Mk1 & Flamer
right ive been for a test drive and its driving fine in first,second,third, but the second you put it in "D" drive, it fcks up! stays in third gear and almost stalls itself at junctions!

exhaust as it seems it fine!