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Arch liners??

  Artic Blue 182FF
Will shortly be buying a 172 bumper for my ph2 1.2 i keep reading that you need arch liners? what are these? also is there anything else i should no about fitting this bumper?



  ST on the way...
PM Joshydee he's done it on his 1.4, and expert on arch liners :D

If your doing the bumper tho you'll need the wings and sideskirts, there is one person that has done the conversion without them dutty112 IIRC.
I think the current ones can be modified to fit.

If not the part numbers are...

60 00 073 751 £17.50 inc VAT
60 00 073 752 £17.50 inc VAT


  ST on the way...
It ideally does need new archliners but i've been told that the standard rear arch liners should be fine.