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Are Falken tyres any good

You could try the Goodyear eagles GD3 tyres which can be picked up quite cheaply or Toyos T1s which also can be picked up for a lowish price, both are quite highly rated as good performance tyres.


Falken 502s are not very good in wet and they are what most companies fit (cheap as chips)

However, the FK-451 is a comparable tyre IMO as a Toyo Proxy T1S and near as damn it to the Goodyear F1 which i have had both on various cars



Falkens are crap! They are just a budget tyer with a better name than the rest for some strange reason. I would never buy any.

there is an interesting point to ponder that goes something like this ;)

Most (obviously not ALL, but MOST) modern tyres are as good as the next and the ultimate grip from the vehicle is more dependent on suspension design....

I have only ever really had one horrendous design of tyre over the years.. that was the dreaded firestone S660 !!.. bloody frightening !.

as for wet performance.. wet and performance dont really go well together.. providing it can remain safe in the wet, its a GREAT opportunity to test the limits in a controlled way ..

If you want to have a bit of real fun, try to find some avon turbospeed soft compounds.. (if ya can still get em ???

Yoko A008s are still a good dry tye with nice overall characteristics too.

Personally I wouldnt worry too much re wet performance providing they actually work reasonably well in the wet.


I have had a set of the following on various cars:

Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD2 (previous car, did 15000 miles on them)

Falken FK-451 (with the 17"s on 172 done 7000 miles + 2 track days - almost dead on fronts now)

ToyoProxes T1-S (with the 17"s on 172 did 4000 miles on these)

Continental ContiSport Contact (standard on clio172 did 2000 mile on these)

Michelin SX Pilot (standard on last car - did 15000 miles on these)

Kumho Excsta702 (horrifying in wet - never buy)

My overall comments are that all the above are very good dry tyres, with the goodyear and toyo being prone to a little understeer more than the others.

Wet grip/braking safety, all APART from the continental which i found had substantially less grip than the others...the goodyear were the best wet weather grip and provided much confidence.

Overall wear rates were decent, but the goodyears lasted the least amount of time (9000 miles.

Like captn S said, i have never really met a bad dry tyre, they are all roughly the same, with the contis and i would actually say falken fk-451 being the best in dry.

Again, to agree with Captn S, wet weather performance doesnt really work together, but as far as being pretty certain that driving sanely will not result in a brown trouser time i would say that the Contis were the only tyre that didnt work in wet very well. The goodyear are brilliant, the best wet weather tyre i ever used.

Just my 2p


  Silver Fabia vRS

I agree with Jamie about the Falken FK-451s as I have them on mine. Great tyre and better than these I have had before:

Goodyear Eagle F1s

Continental Sport Contacts

Yoko A539s

Pirelli P6000s

I will be changing them in the next month or so to the same again as the 2 track days and 9000 miles have taken it out of them!

I think people will be saying that Avon ZZ1s are a good tyre next lol!

Possably one of the scariest you can ever fit to an Impreza (especially in the wet!)

The new goodyear eagal F1s are meant to be way ahead of the tyres that they replaced, even nearly as good as Bridgestone SO2 PPs

Myself, id go for a good all round directional tyre, looks good and clears water but not all are up to that...