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Are the Dynamiques lowered

Not sure, brochures describe them as having sport suspension. Their view on sport is obviously widely used as the same named sport suspension on the cup is a lot different! Id expect a mechanic would know at your dealer if your not that bothered. I dont think theres any different, just Authetiques have 14inch wheels dont they? While the Dynamiques have the rather nice 15s. Anyway, i just think its product placement, or target marketing, i.e for lads like us!

They are advertised as having sports suspention, different power steering and sports seats. I do know the seats are different as Ive seen them

The Cup/172/V6 are RenaultSport cars - not Renault "Sport" AFAIK!

Its all a bit confusing, but it RenaultSport is actually a different company, wholly owned by Regie France SA (Renault) - and in turn the French Government.

i know that! I meant strictly suspension, all dynamiques/extremes/172s/Cups are described to having sport suspension, i didnt say renault sport suspension!

Obviously dont be fooled, the lesser models arent sporty in any way, apart from looks and the sports seats, which are in fact, very good. Im pretty sure the steering is not sure if its the rack or power steering itself though. I heard the anti roll bar might be different too, but do they even have them?

dont know, but they look bloody high as standard...get it lowered.

Had my car parked next to a standard dynamique the other day. the guy was out comparing...i smiled:)

its amazing how much lower mine is and its only 40mm
  H22A7 Accord Type R

I think the steering will be sharper! Having driven my mates 206 LX (granny car done up to look like a sports hatch), you hit a corner and it feels numb and laid back.......i imagine the Lesser clios will be the same! otherwise ur just calling it a sport cause it has alloys lol!

I think renault call it sporty because they look it, which is fair enough, they make more sales. I like what youve done to yours John, subtle is best in my view. Im sorely tempted to do the same thing.

I wouldnt worry about the weight, just having 17s wont help in itself. Would you be getting the silver ones?

Thanks for putting the pic up, still looks very nice, where did you get the side repeaters from? Tom said i could get them from halfords but the geezer there last night said they only do them for mk1s.

Something worth doing it adding the 172 interior door handles, i got some from renault last night. All in the details..;)

btw how much did the sideskirts cost to get painted?



Get your side repeaters from k-tec.

Get smoked ones, they look really nice and you cant see the orange bulb. Perfect fit with no modifications needed.

Yeah i have them door handels mate:)

I got the spoiler, side skirts, front and rear bumpers, mirrors and a nasty dent all repaired for 190. Mostly cause i know the guy. Youll get your car colour coded for about 200 odds. Just go for some quotes at local body shops.

Makes such a difference to your car, youll love it.

You cheeky b*****d, thought id at least done something original!!Did you fit them yourself or did renault do them? if you did em, was it hard?

Ill get them side repeaters today..need to order them rear lights soon too. You got the new uns or the ones which came out first? Im going to get the Koncept rear spoiler so ill get the colour coding done at the same time. Ill lower it on 172 wheels and then im done. Might get a private plate as a finishing touch (C11 BHP not bad for 300??)

Thanks for your help mate!

well mines were actually from the megane..but they are easy enough to fit.

Ive got the newest ktec lights, starting to get bored of them though. Almost tempted to stick on the original lights. They look so nice at night:)

Dont like all those spoilers, but thats just my opinion.

Ill never stop modifiying my car, its too much fun:)

lol my insurance premiums aint though. I like the spoiler, the rear is too curved at the top standard. I wont get a bodykit though, dont think any of the mk 2/3 clios are suited to them. Think that koncept spoiler looks good on the silver k-tec 172 though.. Fair enough on your opinion, dont want to end up with the exactly same car as you anyway!

How long you planning to keep yours then?

I agree but they wont look that good in the flesh.

I might do the same thing then..apart from i dont go to uni..can i cope for 4 years with a 1.2 tho?! Got any mad mods planned?

no problem, will give anything a try for you if you send me a mail with the pics on.

I had a 1.2 16v before my cup, was going to do loads to it, I got some super-ts for it (same as v6) and it looked mean, think it looked ok cos the gaps between the spokes was much smaller so they didnt look spindly.

...anyway, I didnt do anything else to it cos I decided to save up for a 172. Hehe. I loved that car to bits though, has far less probs with my old 1.2 Y-reg (old shape) than I have had with my cup.