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Are these any good? (INFINITY-KAPPA-52.9i)

  V6 230
Hi guys,

I am sick of the crappy speakers in the car and were thinking of changing them to these:

I already have an Alpine X001 headunit:

I have a couple of questions:
1. Is it ok to run these speakers off the headunit as have no space for an amp?
2. Can I leave the standard tweeters connected as dont want to take the dash off as it doesnt rattle ...yet?
3. Can I use the existing wiring or I am I wasting my time and should just replace with better speaker wire?

ps. Will be getting an underseat sub in a few weeks depending on how good these sound so dont want megga expensive speakers in the doors/ rear shelf as not going for a massive system, just one that can be heard over the vees 2k rpm boom if poss :)

Cheers guys for any advice :hail: