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  LY R26
wanted a new campus bumper for my 51 plate. the bumper and my car are silver. can you tell from pic or from your knowledge if they are the same silver?


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    Italy 2008 100.jpg
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    bumper campus.jpg
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I think thats a pic of his car, And the other of the front bumper from ebay or something?

Are you buying the bumper but want to make sure its the right colour?
  LY R26
pic of my car and ebay bumper. its hard to tell about colour. renault said they couldnt help me at that point in time when I called and they never emailed me back part is 1.30 hrs away so not going all that way to look.

how off is the colour?would it be a big difference until I could afford to paint it?
  PH1 172
Does the ebay advert not specify a paint code, if not could you not email the seller and ask them what the paint code is?
  LY R26
i drove past a campus parked. 30 mins later on way home was guna stop n check colour but it had gone :( I think I will just get my bumper colour coded. I just liked the shape n lower grill seems nicer on campus