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Area Rep reveal


  Yozza'd Blue Bus
What about CS Net Worldwide? Haha, we have plenty of fans down here in Brazil!

We would struggle with translation slightly but I'm sure it's something we could work towards if we have a lot of members in Brazil, could get a sub forum on the areas section etc
  1.0 16v Clio (BR)
Im Admin on the - it's a brazilian forum for Renaults in general, obviously Clio owners are like 85% of the users. There's also the Clio Club Sao Paulo in Facebook, where most of ppl there knows about the CS Net.

Although we do not have RenaultSport in Brazil (Clio RS, Megane RS.. none of these :( ) We know about'em pretty much and we also import from UK, Portugal and Spain RenaultSport parts to get the closest as possible of the RS Clio. Even "CS Net' stickers are wanted over here. :p