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Argh ! 172 not starting this morning !

Got in my car this morning, it was in my garage on the flat, started fine, drove it out to my drive on the slope, locked the garage then went in the house. Came out, tried to start the car, no joy, resetting the alarm 4 or 5 times, still nothing, rolled it down to the flat, started first time ! What the hell is going on ? Petrol was around the 1/4 full mark, not sure if it is just a coincedence that it started on the flat but that is what it seemed like.

Any ideas ?

I thought it may be the alarm but it starts every time in the garage ! Then sometimes it does not start on the slope. I will keep an eye on it, if it carries on then I will check it in with Renault, feels like a bit of a dog first thing in the COLD morning tho.


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Next time you put your car in your garage, face it the other way round and see if it starts when you park it outside!


Dai, it could well be that. You dont need the immobiliser at all (if it is fitted) as the reno one is the bizz. Use the alarm as an alarm and let the RAID take care of the immobiliser (the RAID is linked to the key transducer and the ecu, unless the actual key code is tranfered to the ecu, it is impossible to start, you cant really get better than that.

the key then becomes worth the value of the car though lol...

The difficulty is in isolating the problem.. it could be a number of things..

fuel vapour lock (unlikely)

Reno RAID not activating (led on dash will tell the tale though)

Toad immob holding on or not releasing (unsure as to any visual indication as I dont run any form of alarm)


Just a thought, but do you have the wiring diagram of the TOAD as it may have a connection to the fuel relay to act as an isolator.

If so, then, if faulty, a., it wouldnt start, and b., it would run rough after fuel was supplied if it had been turned over with no pressure applied.

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maybe its the ESP - Extra Sensory Perception. The car knows what youre going to do before you do it! Kicking in Daipac, perhaps it doesnt appreciate the 1/4 mile runs youve been doing. lol.

Only joking mate, hope it gets sorted out for you.


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Dont underestimate the possibility that it could be low fuel. On my previous car (Astra) if I parked it with 2 wheels on a kerb it would never start with less than about half a tank.

CS, dont have wiring diagrams but my alarm is under warranty and all that so I will keep an eye on it, if it keeps happening then I will be booking it in, it is just annoying but does not always happen !

The LED on the dash flashes along with the alarm LED so it is arming.

GR, actually I did that this time, parked it the other way around, you watching me or something ? LOL !

Gazza mate, good stuff that is ! Did you get my offer about coming to Swansea to run it in ? I wanna see all that ICE mate !

Mike, thanks for that, I will run some tests over the next week to see if it could be the fuel level. Going to fill it up in the next few days so will check in the mornings to see if that could be it.

Thanks for everyones help with this ! Mucho appreciated !


  Shiny red R32


Perhaps I have built-in Extra Sensory Perception too!

You never know who might be watching you from afar!!


The Toade 2-1 upgrade (850T) doesnt do anything except give you ultrasonic/voltage level drop protection and a siren.
  Turbo'd MX-5 MK4

Daipac, yes i did get your offer mate, and i accept, once the navi is in so i know where i am going ill be down to see you! And then you can show me the art of 1/4 miling! (if your car starts) lol.

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could it not be the cold start cycle issue? i.e. when you start the car, it starts on the enriched cold start. then you turn it off, then on and it tries to overlay another enriched cold start onto and already enriched engine...and doesnt fire (flooded?). Im probably wrong, but this is something that almost every modern car when treated in this manner does; be it my mums Polo, my old GTi, the bosses Merc, my mates Beemer...