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Argh, fed up with clios!!!

I'm getting so sick of these bloody cars. I bought a 16v nearly 6 months ago now which needed a new gearbox. The plan was to put on a new gearbox then keep the 16v and sell the 1.4. However it wasn't all that straight forward and after fitting a new box I got all sorts of other problems with the car as it was leaking coolant, fan wouldn't kick in etc etc. Anyway after a good while of these problems I thought I had the car sorted once and for all a couple of weeks ago but now I have found out it seems to be that the gearbox I put on has a fucked diff!!!

Really pissed off with it right now, I love the car but can't be bothered with the hassle of fitting a new box - but if I don't then I'll end up losing a load of money on the car :(. The thing is that I know if I sell it I'll probably end up buying another clio anyway so I'm totally undecided but need to get rid of one of the cars as my old man is getting pissed off at me having two cars on the drive.

Why are things never simple?
  Clio MK3 1.6 Dynamique
unlucky mate, Ive had 2 clios and never had any probs whatsoever. I know this doesnt make you feel any better but perhaps your just having a **** time at the mo, everyone does... keep the head up, it will pass. :)
You've had a bad run, unlucky my man.:(

Unless you're image affected buy an MX5, nothing ever, ever, ever goes wrong.

I've spent more on my Clio in one month of ownership than I spent on three MX5's over 30,000 miles.