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Anyone know anything about this stuff? any good? worth it?

Im only asking because after 6 weeks of owning my 172 I now have 2 stone chips, one on the bumper and one on the bonnet, now it wouldnt be so bad but I havent even heard them when theyve happened, so this paint aint so good at protecting the metal is it?

So, in a vein hope of keeping the car looking good I came across this stuff.....

Any advise etc. please guyz?

  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Roamer I looked into this and it would cost I think about £400 to do but it is ment to be good stuff m8. I didnt bother in the end I just dont drive the car anymore

I have it on my Elise. It is really good but with the Elise being fibre glass the paint doesnt stick to it as well as it does on the Clio.

I have not bothered on the clio. Also, I go on lots of runs with the Elise so more chance of stone chips - so i wouldnt bother personally on the clio.

It is expensive also so you have to weigh this up against the cost of getting a respray every few years