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at last, the cup’s coming

after weeks of being put off with one excuse after another, the girl is gonna finally arrive next week. cant wait. after a few years of being pugboy, ill be able to see what the fuss is all about with you guys and these motors, hope im not disappointed...


lucky b*stard! Still waiting here for mine.

Still managed to blag a nice 1.2 out of them as said I have no car anymore. Reckon it would do a few 172s! :D

thats not bad at all! Should be a few Cups around on the roads soon then??!! Make sure you all toot if you see me!

they called me yesterday and said something like "because of the delay of over a month, were going to give you a full tank of fuel, we usually only give 10 quids worth" fing cheeky stards, i nearly blew a gasket. have any of you cup guys got anything as compo out of renault? i appreciate its not the dealers fault and all that but i think renault should offer something as a gesture.....maybe some proper seats!


I just assumed that wed get a full tank as wed spent so much bloody money on the car! No im not getting anything in compensation from them, will have to work on that one!

Hi to fellow Cup owners

Ordered mine last weekend. Told it would arrive on 1st November. Apparently just missed the first batch of 250 :(

Dealer has a new one in the showroom I can drool over till then.

As Im new to the 172 scene do owners wave to each other? Only previous experience is with Scoobies.

Have to admit Im wondering that aswell Wilf? Seem a friendly lot on here so cant see them not waving if they see you? Bet theyll wave more if you have a Cliosport badge though!

we need to create a clio wave like the vee dub owners have their thing and i assume vauxhall owners have one that i like to do to nova drivers (im driving one at the mo)- the vauxhall vees!:eek: