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ati2dvag - HP machines


Have you come across the BSOD with ati2dvag.exe ?

Just bought some new HP's at work (not having the best time at the moment) and installed our standard image that we have.

After a while we get ati2dvag on the BSOD.

Looked all over the net, no luck.

Spoke to HP and they pretty much shut me down straight away as we where not using their standard image.

Tried new drivers / old ones, nothing works.

So far, the only solution is to install another gcard.

Any ideas?

Any help really appreciated.
Morning Cookie :)

Hope you are well.........

Nope, that has not worked, tried that earlier on.

Seems like there is a lot of info out there, but many different causes for the same error message.

Some people's solutions are just crap, i.e replace CPU drivers..........

Anyhow, my last solution is to simply scrap the ATI drivers and use the omega ones available, don't want to do that, but this is fecking annoying.

Did not like HP's response, not like them, must have had 2 i d i o t s on the phone.