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Audi A3 1.8T

Sorry for a post like this, but how quick are these things supposed to be? Its not the S3 or the Quattro.

I know they are turbos but I didnt think they were particularly quick?

only 150hp not quick at all but nice inside.

you can chip them to 180 though.

the s3 is 225 and can be chiped to 260hp which is usefull power.

The standard ones have 150BHP for the FWDs and the 4WD have 180 i think, neither are particularly quick. However, they can be chipped to give big power outputs!

Really you should pull a steady gap between both variants. However if it was chipped to above 200, then youve done well!

Doubt it was chipped - driver was blatently a rep in a company car. He wasnt losing me at all, but I couldnt gain on him either. Admittedly it was a fairly short lived race that I wasnt expecting (i.e. Id have been in a better gear had I expected him to floor it), but I still think that a 172 SHOULD do better against it. Cant really talk of S3s when cant even beat the bog standard 1.8T!

Oh well, cest la vie!

You were the guy with the Punto Turbo that didnt think the 172 was that fast, all I can say is that I have no problems taking on and staying with a car that has the exact same engine as the 1.8T Audi. Its the Ibiza Cupra,oh did I mention it has over 200BHP and a lot lighter. So I just dont understand!

Well remembered - thats me. I just dont understand either. I wouldnt purposely make my car lose/struggle against cars it should beat. Im starting to think that I may have a seriously underpowered Friday car - it might explain a lot - its definitely run in now and obviously still not performing in the same league that other peoples do.

Thanks for taking the time to reply anyway :)
  Clio 200 FF

i had an A4T sport (same 150bhp engine as A3), this car wasnt very quick off the line but on the motorway it pulled like a train - better top end acceleration
  clio 20v

i raced one the other week down the slip road getting onto the mway from about 60 didnt hav too much trouble overhauling it

i reeled him in on the sliproad and could overtake once on the motorway an i could move over, got up to 120 then slowed down as we was approaching traffic id pulled quite a big gap


i drove A3 1.8T and S3 and 172 before

172 will win against 1.8T... they are not that quick just think Golf 4 GTI same stuff nothin different except price

S3... more lag those new 225 hp is exactly the same as TT quattro so hit 60 in mid 6 or high 6. 172 would get near those S3. but not after 100miles coz they seem to pull better pass that mark.

A3 1.8T quattro.. 180hp version. I say a weee ted slower than 172 coz of the extra weight.

All 1.8T with over 200hp has pretty big lags quite yuck... i have to downshift from 6 to 4 or even 3 to get some decent speed at around 50kms turbo comes in around 2700rpm... full on about 3000....