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Auto finesse Review - Desire

Hi all,

Sad to say this is a bit of a rushed test to get it into the panel in time. Work is manic, Saturdays are the new Mondays and Sundays seem to fly by :(

Anyhoo, Desire.

I loved the other AF waxes I've tried over the last year or so, so was very grateful to Auto Finesse for sending through this month's tester.

After the delightful Saharan sand rain hit, the car was looking incredibly sort for itself. It's not moved for a good few weeks, however, so wheels were left this time around.

Washed down in the usual manner (thanks still to Scrooge 'a efforts a few weeks back, it came out perfectly).



The test are was the rear this time as I'll be driving up to The Lakes for
Easter, so if it gets mucky it'll be interesting to see how clean the rear stays with Desire as the LSP.

Cleaned up;


AF were also kind enough to send through their Rejuvenate product as well, so this was used to prep the paint.



Leaving a nice base;


Once prepped, Desire was applied to the boot lid, then bumper, waited for a few mins to allow the product to cure, swipe tested and removed/buffed.




Poor swipe test example...



Lovely finish, great smell, very easy on and off (not quite as good application or looks wise as Illusion but the again, it's the lesser wax...)

And finally some RO water beading shots, since the sun was out and I didn't want water spots!


Lovely, tight beading as per most if not all AF waxes.

Thanks to Auto Finesse again for being on their panel and look forward to future uses of this pot. Should last a while as a small amount goes a very long way.

Cheers all,

  172 Cup & Mini C 1.6
I'd be happy to send some out when I've done my testing, Kyle. I love Illusion more at this stage, so might be up for letting it go to a better home.
Ok bud. I wouldn't want a full pot lol. I hear illusion is lovely to use wanna try that aswell :)