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Auto headlights stopped working ???????

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hi i recently had a main beam headlight stop working for a day or so, then suddenly it started working again, but since then the headlights wont come on when its dark, i have to turn them on manually...iny ideas on whats wrong peeps ????????????????:S


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Try turning the sidelights on and off a couple of times quickly while the engine is stopped. You should hear a beep. This is to inform you that the auto headlights have been turned off or on.

Then drive somewhere dark (if it's daytime) and see if it's fixed. If it's night time they should just come on automatically again.
Get in your car, turn the ignition on, turn the sidelights on and off twice til you hear a beep, they're activated again.
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Couldnt believe it wen someone came to my uncles garage saying they had broke, it took all of 5 secs to turn back on just like jesus says will do the job.

Customer was soo embarrassed lol