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Awesome crash

  renault clio 1.2 16v kit
Pmsl see how the other person on the other bike stays well clear of the driver of the car hahahaah


He did look a bit lively considering he had a crash. I looked away for a second and he was gone then he turned back up again lol. Blink and miss it. It made a rather large indent in the front of that car though.



ClioSport Club Member
  BMW I4 M50
Shock will keep his adrenaline pumping for a few minutes, the after effects wont be nice though
  Bye Bye 182....
That looked like it could have been really nasty. He must be made out of rubber - like tigger from winnie the bloody poo!!!:clown:


ClioSport Club Member
  MX5 ND2/220 Trophy
that was the most casual crash ive ever seen! gets smacked and then calmly walks over to the nearest bin to dispose of his soiled Y fronts. then pops back over for a quick chat.