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Back in a 182..

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Ladies and gentlepersons

First of all, a massive thank you @Filters for all your help, true gent and scholar!
And thank you @AJFisher for holding the car for me and being a top bloke, pleasure to deal with!


As some of you know my scoob let go at the end of the last meet.. Had such a great day which sadly came to a costly end..
Seeing as its off the road now, I needed a fun car again asap, the girlfriends yellow mg zr just isn't cutting it lol

Looking for a more sensible daily, and filters constantly telling me I need a clio again and having owned a racing blue FF before.. I started looking and found a lovely 172.. Still checking the cs sales pages and other sites.. As I'm messaging the seller of said 172, this AJFisher happened to put his 182 up for sale in my budget.. It seemed like it was meant to be!

Few messages back and forth between us, I was happy with what was said.. Only down side, the car was in Leicester! Bit of a mission I thought, when talking to filters he offers to pick me from his local station and drive me up to see it! What a legend!

Anyways long story short, we went, we saw, and we brought it home! Totally forgetting how much fun these little cars are!

She's a 182 FF in titanium silver, still has genuine cup splitter on the front, the wheels and mirror caps are fiat campovolo grey, they really do look better in person, I'm sure filters will agree, they are a b**ch to photograph to show the correct colour they actually are!

Has a few niggles but won't cost a bomb to fix up and I'm loving owning a clio again!

Roll on the next meets!
image.jpgimage.jpg image.jpg


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Good little purchase that was mate. Suppose I'll have to do the "Back in a 172" thread now.
No need to thank me for the lift either chap, you'd of done the same and that's what mates are for.

Gave me an excuse to test my new purchase anyway! :up:


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^ that.

I've missed the last couple of runs out that people have organised but as long as it isn't on 17th October I'll be there.

As that's a track day :p
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Awesome. We'll have to organise something between us during September if that's all good? Get some decent photo's and go pro vids!

Dr Jekyll

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Wtf is that spoiler about?! Even the A-Team van would reject that.

I see this car at CSS. The pics never show these wheels there true colour but in the flesh the look really good and suit the car well. Looks Like you got a bargain with this one.