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Back once again!...

  Iceberg Ph1
Hey folks.. Had an issue a while back and it seems to have cropped back up.. Spent nearly £700 on new parts, service, aux belt etc about 2 months ago, I originally had a knocking noise coming from around the rear of the car, this only seemed to happen when I was breaking and coming to a stop.. Had new dampers fitted on the rear as mine where fooked.. stopped the noise, and I was happy!.. Yesterday I gave my car some beans, it had been a while so it was over due, so after my little 'rag' so to speak, I was stuck in some traffic, stop start.. and I noticed that dreaded KNOCK KNOCK noise! I can not seem to figure out what on earth it could be..

This is how it goes.. Moving slowly, no more then 10mph, and break softly as if coming to a stop, I get a knocking noise, the thuds seem uniform, the same noise, same area and they become more spaced apart as the car is slowing down..

Can anyone think what this may be? Dampers are new, no leaks and are fine, springs are fine also, I don't think its the breaks as I can't feel any feedback through the pedal, so I am totalllly stumped..

Can anyone suggest anything?

Cheers ;)
  Iceberg Ph1
Top mounts?

How would be a good way to check if these are buggered?

Could be above or exhaust mounts are slack causing it to bang on the trailing arm.

Already thought of that.. I have wobbled the exhaust as much as poss but hardly any movement

Beam mounts a possibility

Where would I be looking? Sorry, I know bits about cars, but I ain't greatly mechanically minded :rasp:
  Titanium 182
To check top mounts open the boot take the rubber caps off and rock the car see if there is excessive movement.
  Iceberg Ph1
To check top mounts open the boot take the rubber caps off and rock the car see if there is excessive movement.

Just had a look all the top mounts, these are new due to having new dampers fitted, movement is visible but bouncing the car its only a little bit, can't tighten the nut though.. Needs to held from the underside I think.. any other suggestions :S