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Backfire, Misfire, no EML and low power


Hi all, having a few issues with my 172 and wondering if anyone can offer some advice?

Was out and about the other day, when I noticed a backfire, misfire, no EML and heavily underpowered.

I’ve been through the basics, checked the injectors (resistance at around 14 Ohms on all, plus all seem to be firing after taking the rail off and cranking over) I’ve checked the HT leads and spark plugs (all seem to spark when tested out of the block - although there was oil on the thread of plug 4?) I also assume the coil pack would be good if these all spark? I’ve also ran the engine with the MAF sensor off and no change.

Anyone had this before? Or know where to look next?

  Clio 182
Maybe the MAF then? Disconnecting my MAF (Clio 182) makes a big difference - it is hard to start, mis and back fires. Pretty undriveable really. The one on my Jeep was causing problems of hesitancy. A good clean sorted it so maybe try that with MAF cleaner/spray.