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  1. V

    Clio 1.2 16v misfire, is it the coil pack?

    Greetings, Searched through the forum and found many similar threads but none that completely matches the issue im having with my car which is a Clio mk2 1.2 16v from 2006 (D4F-722). The problem at hand: the engine is misfiring on cylinder 3 (check engine light is on and occasionally flashing)...
  2. F

    Nasty misfires running on 3 or 2 cylinders

    Hi.. so I’ve been having some pretty nasty misfires on cylinder 3 and 4, it’s now really only starting on 3 cylinders and sometimes goes down to 2. I already ruled out coilpacks et injectors, I just wanted to know if this sounds like healthy compression to you guys as I don’t have my tester yet...
  3. M

    Engine Warning Light and Shift Light?

    Hi all Car is a a 2005 Clio 182. Driving it down to Dover last week the car was doing strange things. Little bit chicken and egg, as I don't know what was cause and effect... Driving along, the car would very momentarily stutter. Maybe a misfire, but felt more like a torque-cut...
  4. JToroPaz

    182 Misfire?

    Got a bit of a strange intermittent issue. Day to day car runs fine, starts fine, doesnt idle high, revs fine and pulls fine. Then at motorway speeds it'll randomly loose power, slow to 50mph and sound like its either misfiring or being limited to 50mph. Similar sound to a pit limiter on a race...
  5. G

    Looking for misfire diagnosis guide

    Hi everyone, sorry for yet another misfire thread. I'm looking for a guide on diagnosing the misfire, someone wrote a really thorough one years back and I've spent hours trying to find it again with no luck. Anyone able to help me out? Thanks
  6. P

    Backfire, Misfire, no EML and low power

    Hi all, having a few issues with my 172 and wondering if anyone can offer some advice? Was out and about the other day, when I noticed a backfire, misfire, no EML and heavily underpowered. I’ve been through the basics, checked the injectors (resistance at around 14 Ohms on all, plus all seem...
  7. G

    Help please newbie here!

    Hi all, totally new to this so hope I'm posting in correct way :/ Anyway looking for some help, recently bought a 2007 Clio Dynamique S 2.0 138bhp, it's got bad misfire issues, taken it to be plugged in and indeed it shows cylinder 2 misfire, garage suggested starting with coil pack, however...
  8. tragfx

    Few problems with 1.4L 16v 73kW

    Hi there, I recently bought a Renault Clio 1.4 but since then it's gotten a few problems and I can't seem to diagnose what is. I hope someone here might be of any help. The car sometimes has a check engine light and when checking it with an OBD it says misfire cylinder 3. So I replaced the...
  9. B

    Clio Sport Misfire

    My Clio 182 sounds like it's running on 3 cylinders. I've checked for wayward sparks under the bonnet in the dark. Any suggestions? I'm now suspecting an injector or connecter.......
  10. Carlos_2017

    Clio 172 misfire

    Hi guys, I'm new to this community and these cars so any help would be greatly appreciated. The car idles a little lumpy but I've read a few other post with people stating that it can be normal to have the car idle like that. The car itself drove fine when I took it for a test drive and...
  11. K

    P0204 - Misfire + Coilpack

    I've tried switching injectors 4 & 3 (4 being the far left) and the fault didn't change. I switched the coilpack for a new one with no improvement but when I went to change the ht leads I noticed a mark on the new coilpack, has it blown? I changed the leads anyway with no improvement, the...
  12. S

    Mk2ph1 1.2 d7f to mk2 ph2 1.6 k4m

    So my 1.6 failed it's MOT on emissions today. They said it was blowing, the engine was misfiring and the lambda (rear) sensor needs replacing. It has a power flow exhaust. I can deal with the hole easily but I want to know if any parts can be transferred from a 1.2 8v d7f engine. My first...
  13. Bbrooks

    Not the usual misfire

    I've been chasing a misifre for a while now. It is not the injectors as far as i can tell (they are brand new, has cured a different issue) and the lambda is new (had rough idle). The plugs, leads and coil pack have been replaced in the last 6 months. It has also hand a new (second hand)...
  14. K

    Misfires , smell of fuel help?

    Hi people been a member for a while had the car for 3 year's but a couple of months ago the car started misfiring on two cylinders although can't remember which ones. I replaced the coil pack, ht leads and sparkplugs, but to no avail. While the misfire was happening i took of the ht leads one...
  15. Duk

    Oh god please not the injectors

    So I have a clio 172 2003. A few months ago the emissions warning light started flashing. There was no detectable change to the emissions when probed, nor were there any detectable effects on performance. Later, the warning light went off and everything was fine for a few weeks. Yes, that's...
  16. S

    Misfire when warm

    Hi all, car has recently developed a misfire and stinking of rotten eggs. Changed spark plugs and all was well until the engine warmed up and went back to misfiring. I've had a read through the forums here and all point towards HT leads, coil pack or injectors. Had a spare set of leads, coil...