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Bad Choice For De-badging??

  clio mk1 ph3
So everyone had told me i'd be fine to de-badge my clio and so without looking further into it i did it this morning. This was the result: Does anyone know if these clip holes can be removed and if so a rough price?? Or do i now need to just reclip them with the right glue? thanks

  Meg on pistonheads £6995
I'd put them back V carefully!

£150 + for a quality fill & spray of boot, unless DIY that could ruin a decent finish!
  RS Meg 175
youd have to get the holes smoothed and resprayed mate duno about price tbh but id guess they would have to do the whole tailgate so in excess of £150 :S
Put the money towards ya driving test or lessons.

id just wack em back on and be done with it or customize em now theyre off
i.e. carbon cover, spray job (diy)

edit: bah, beaten to it lol
  Pink & Blue 182, JDM DC2
Yeah they can be easily removed. Get some white spirit and a gentle cloth and the holes magically disappear :D
  Punto/Clio GTT
if your the type of person who likes to have a go at things have a go at filling the holes n getting it in primer? should be able to get just the tailgate painted for 100 or under then :)
  Elvis - Biarritz 1.2
If you really don't want badges, you could get a vinyl strip printed up quite cheap, with something or other on it.
Or maybe just a fade to the colour of the handle strip bit.
  clio mk1 ph3
cheers for the help guys. What glue will i need to put the badges back on to keep it stuck down with a reasonable force?
  Chocolate Bar™
only way to do it is to have it done professionally or it'll look a mess. This ideally involves a metal plate and some filler and a whole boot repray (so not cheap) I've had this dont to my car, and even now i'm getting slight filler sag :(