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Badly Modded Clio’s

I think we must have the ownly car that doesnt attract muppets who cant modify.

I regually see poor attempts on Fiesta,s, Saxo,s, Corsas etc, sticking on everything they can think of like vents, viper srtipes, clip on exhausts but I have never seen a clio done in such a way.

I know modding is about individual taste and so some of you lot are probably thinking "have you seen your own attempt at modifying the 16v" but I dont think it compaires. Im talking about the fools who take a trip to Halfords and by all the tastless mods which can be fitted with glue in 5 mins, it just doesnt happen with our cars.

If you have some examples of such cars or maybe there are some badly modded clios out there, post them here
  Corsa 1.3 CDTI

Tom but what about the nodding dog in the back window mate and the ON A MISSON sun strip on the front window ?



nah i got kenwood now (despite having none of ther products in may car)

and novadose kit on me 1.2

and i got a merc kompressor badge and made it into impressor and put in on my flushed boot.

you dont like it im gonna cut ya

Sadly there are a couple of clio related Ripspeed trolley dash winners around my way!!

But to fair the good far outweigh the bad! Unlike 90%of novas, saxos etc!

Ive seen some really dodgy clio add-ons in my area, the local spanish dont have much off a clue as to what will look right on the car untill they stick it on and then regret it.

Some local loony has stuck the front of a celica (rounded shape one) on a Merc 300!! In yellow!! Looks like a freakshow on wheels!

I saw a 2 tone (red down, blue up) clio the other day with lexus "style" lights on the back, but cant say I really liked it.

Maybe its because 2-tone, chromed-up, colour-clashing cars look $hit?

Ill try and get a photo if I see them both again so we can all have a larf! :p
  BMW 320d Sport

Good call Kev, I dont know whether the pics of my stage 1 mods are still on the gallery, but I bloody hope not, those corner splitters and sunstrip are a national disgrace! Id hope its a bit more of a subtle look Ive got now, but maybe Im wrong.

The other night at the Strawberry Field I saw this Metro, I could not believe it, its the sort of thing you couldnt make anyway its a red Metro which is bad enough (I used to have a Studio 2 so believe me, I know how bad they are) but check this out:

"Rover 100" in handwriting-style graphics below the bumps strips on the doors

"Youve been Metroed" graphics on the rear bumper above the stick on exhaust heatshield thing.

Huge alloy wing at least 6" above the roofline.

Full offset viper-stripes, starting from the front bumper all the way over including even the wing, over the roof then down to the bottom of the bumper.

Red colour coded windscreen wiper boots.

Big sunstrip, I cant remember what it said.

Rough 14" alloys that looked like they came from a car boot sale.

If only I had a camera, that has got to be in my all time top 5 worst cars!

Iv seen some bad cars in Ireland, esp cause our insurance is soo high, but i must admit clios never seem to get roughed up that much.

Although there is 1 that runs around with self applied window tints (the ones with designer bubbles). remus duplex exhaust(hung like he done it himself), tinted rear lights (but they just look dirty.

I seem to have seen loads of really horribile Clios recently, not trying to be sexist but they always seem to have young girls driving them and they have definetely gone overboard with the Ripspeed gear!!! And poorly fitted alloy roof spoilers as well.
  Abarth Grande Punto

Dont you just love it when you see clios with 16 year old boy racers with all of the following,

LED Washers.

Neon Lights Everywhere!

Seat belt pads.

MAX Power Seat Covers

MAssive Sun Strips

Need I say more! Most of all they all drive like pr@ts to!!
  Abarth Grande Punto

basically all parts from Ripspeed Halfords or A1 Motorstore!!

Sorry, I forgot all those tacky narratives on peoples plates aswell!

i.e Born to Cruise or Just Cruzin!

Ive just got Looks wicked!

Yeah Nick, think I saw that car too when I was down for the last big meet. Southend should hang its head in shame!

Also followed another 2-door red Metro along the A198 with a big sticker with "Taylor" and a bulldog across the back window. The guy had his name in huge letters on the back of the car! Ha ha!! Just in case he forgot he wasnt driving a sh!tbox!!!