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barred iphone

  vauxhall corsa vxr
bought an iphone back from the states, i jail broke it put an 02 3g sim in and now its only showin 1 bar but no network provider, so have been on few forums found thru google and people think its now barred but i cant find any way of unbarring it apart from a software download u can get called snowscape, does anyone know if this will work.
ive also been told that if you can get software that changes the imei number it will work can anyone help

many thanks
  ALBI 197 Sonic MKII
You've jailbroken it, but have you actually unlocked it? Search for Yellow Snow.
  Monaco 53/468
Sounds jailbroken but not unlocked as already mentioned. Let us know what iPhone it is and we can tell you what you need to look for/do

or google dev team unlock
  vauxhall corsa vxr
ok quick update done what it said, it done everything right now when i put my orange sim in its showin 3g symbol but no bars or netwrok provider
  Monaco 53/468
How long have u left sim in for? Mine took approx 5 mins before it recognised it. If not then try switching off for a few mines and then on again - worth a try!!!