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Bass Tubes any good


Im looking into getting one just to get a bit more clarity, not really interested in waking the neighbourhood up and want to have a boot still so thought this would be a good option. Ive seen the SPLX ones on e-bay but have also read whats been said on here about them, got any other suggestions?? There is a Pioneer TS-WX105A on there too which seems quite compact, what do you think??



my mate had one, and although it was quite loud, it never seemed quite as good quality as a sub and amp. they are good, but dont think they are quite as good..

i have a jbl 1000w sub, and some amp (nothin special) and its so much better, louder, etc. would definately reccommed a sub and amp (separate)

hope that helps - justin!

The volume isnt vital like I say, dont need my car to rattle anymore than it does, just wanted to have something that provided some low end but is easy to take out for holidays or similar. Has nobody got anything like this??

  Ziel Nurburgring

Try the MAC Audio powered subs. Sound great, nothing too heavy and just make the sound fuller. Enough for you to enjoy it, but not enough your neighbours complain

They make a massive difference to sound if you havent had a bass set up before...

have you got a standard head unit ?

As for which one to go for blink172 has it right, these are really good, and they are compact, theres also a smaller version which is 2x8" subs.... depends what kinda music u listen to tho. its easily removeable (depending on how you wire it up)

Doesnt come with a wiring kit tho so you will need to allocate about £20-40 on a wiring kit including rcas.

we sell the mac compacts at our store and they sell really well! if u lived in reading, then u could pop in and have a look!


I had a 12" sub in my 16V, although I enjoyed it, it did take up most of the boot with the amp etc and I had it bolted down from inside the enclosure so was a pain to remove!! Not really fussed about going down that route now as I just want a bit better sound quality rather than bouncing down the road, I listen to everything really can go from House to Nirvana. I do also want to keep the original H/U as its connected to the Sat Nav display showing the volume/track etc and the control stalk, the Infinity looks good as its reduced loads and you can run it on speaker level inputs and it comes with free wiring kit!! Would love to pop in but Im in SE London so bit of a trekerama. Theres a Pioneer TS-WX20LP on Ebay that I might have a pop at first.



watch what you buy on ebay and the net etc, warranty usually doesnt come with them and when they do they are pants!

but the mac audio one comes with speaker level inputs to btw!