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Bass Vibrations!!! HELP ME GET RID!

Hey there...ive got a Vibe spl 12" with a monobox 3....very bassy...but all the trim on the car vibrates like mad. Mainly the door side mouldings...anyone get a solution for this to get rid of

how good are you with silicon, weather seal and expanding foam?

if not too handy, dont bother asking me :eek:

No matter how hard you try you wont get rid of rattles in a renault, theyre carefully installed in the factory.
  One with a few more

Brown bread is a brand of sound deadening like dynamat

It sounds like all you need to do is sound deaden the cars panels well enough with Dynamat etc. Its costly though, so might not be worth it if you wont keep the car for long

You basically need to put the sound deadening on as much bear surface behind the cards as you can - even on the door skin itself

This will mean the vibrations are blocked somewhat by the special material which make up the sound deadening. This sound reduce any rattling and also reduces road noise for you IN the car.

A very worthwhile thing to do with any audiosystem with bass
  A Euro'd one...

Yeah you need to sound deadened the car. Did mine and its made a huge difference now the main rattle is the rear window. I swear its going to blow out soon but thats what happens when yours running over 1600watts rms!
  Scenic mk1 (F3R)

i asume you mean the door strips dude i had this problem on mine buy a big roll for bout 20 squid. now remove rear half of bump strip not the bit on the door (this pice doesnt tend to vibrate on many but if it does follow the same guide). now measure the lenth to aprox the same as the stright then cut a strip 10mm wide and stick just overlaping the edge then cut smaller strips rot the corner apply these the same way and one last pice down the end stright where the door closes now replace the strip this will require a bit of force but as soon as its on pump up the volume and listen to the rear reg plate, Spoiler, wiper and rear bumper rattle on mine not much else rattled on the outside follow same guide for spoiler.

if you wana get rid of interior rattles rip the pice thats rattleing off always worked for me and had more interior in my house i got rid of the centre consol, dash strips, door pillars, rear trim for a while and various other bits.

good luck dude if ya find any more rattles once you have done this just throw me a pm ill probly know exactly whats rattling


Quote: Originally posted by McBunny on 11 July 2005

get rid of the sub and listen to the music like normal people
what defines normal people then?

are normal people the ones that dont have a clue about actually listening to music or appreciating it so they listen through cheap sh*tty speakers & a crap headunit

or are normal people the ones that like the complete package/experience of a song that they enjoy ?

and for option B im afraid you need a sub (of some kind & within reason) my friend ;)
if you dont care about weight, sound proof it!

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