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Battery fault ? (Dan@519)

  MK3 Clio DCI 86
Car wouldnt start today, just had a clicking sound from the relay (tried starting it for around 30mins!) when the key was turned. Called out RAC who then took the keys out of my hand to start it and it started perfectly first go!! pff!! :mad:

He then checked the battery and he said it was in perfect health so I just thought to myself I'm seeing Dan @ 519automotive on monday anyway so i'll get him to have a look! If he lets me :cheers:

Fast forward 2 hours later when I'm at work and need to move the car for wouldnt start lol. Gave the key a few turns and it eventually kicked into life! but it really struggled to start. Anyone have any ideas on what could be the problem ? (starter motor?) I really hope I can make it to Dan on monday! :dapprove:
  MK3 Clio DCI 86
The RAC guy came this morning and said the battery was dead so he replaced it, sucks I had to pay a stupid price for it but I needed to get to work (£70). It's all ok now though.

I think the battery in the key may be on it's way out also ? Had to press a few times to get it to lock but it now seems ok with the new car battery so we'll see! :)


aka Philomena Cunk aka Barry Shitpeas
ClioSport Club Member
  172, E46 320D
Mine does this relay clicking thing, but it has a new battery that's fully charged.

Plus the key fob works every time, the weird thing is if I turn the ignition on for 30secs, it'll start perfectly.
But if I keep trying to turn the key without a break it won't start for ages.
  S4 Avant
I had similar issues a while back, starter motor had gone. Had to bump start it a couple of times in awkward places. Sainsburys car park being the worst.