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Battery light??

  1996 Valver
Hi guys

The battery light on my 1996 Valver has started to stay lit when driving.
Also the windows have started to slow down.

The battery is maybe 2years old, the alternator may well be the original unit and the car is on 100k.
The belt is fine and has never squealed.

How do I do my test to find out if it is the battery or alternator?

Alternators sounds dead but check the earthing cable.
Any car show will check the battery for free in an attempt to sell you a new one.
  1996 Valver
Thanks edde, I have the battery on charge as we speak, will look if the light is on tomoz. I ran a check on it today, the volts didnt rise atall with the engine running:dapprove: Will check the earth aswell.

Thanks for your help mate