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Battlefield 1

  Fiesta Mk8 ST-3
Well the time has arrived for the next BF5, so looking forward to this game.

I wonder if it will be set in WW2 or set in the Cold War? There was a leak that there might be 4 DLC maps which will have:

Goldmud Railway 2016
Siege of Shanghai 2016
Operation Locker 2016
Zavod 311 2016

Battlefield 5 Teaser Trailer

T Minus 8 hours and counting for info and footage and maybe multiplayer game play
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  Punto HGT Abarth
I missed playing BF4 with my mate because he was fed up of it by the time I got a PS4. :(

Hoping this will be a return to the BF3 nights of old lol.


ClioSport Club Member
This appeared on xbox live -


Some sort of alternative WW1? Hmmmmmmm


ClioSport Club Member
  A4 S Line & Impreza
That looks like a german Mauser pistol! If so, it will be a WW game, just not sure which one. I'd prefer WW2.


ClioSport Club Member
  Mk5 Golf GTI :)
Watching the live feed on and off. Wish they would stop talking and just show the bloody game lol
  Fiesta Mk8 ST-3
It's all different from what i'm use too, with pretty much all different weapens, vehicles. It does look pretty epic though.

Got light and heavy tanks which can take the whole squad, horses, flame throwers, instead of melee you can use a bayonet to stab. I noticed a blimp i think that will be like the Titan on BF2142 where you can use the gun turrets? Battleship to fire big shells, gas masks for the gas on near the trenches.

Exiting times ahead
  Fiesta Mk8 ST-3
Very interesting watch, it mentions that you may or may not bail out of the plane if it's before its about to blow up. Which I think I great, stops all the people wasting a valuable piece of gameplay bailing out just to get flags
  A shiny black one.
Looks great, I'm glad they've ventured back into the WW1 era, for me it was that or the future for the next instalment.

On a side note, the footage of the WW1 aircraft reminded me of an old Amiga game called Wings.

Chris V6 255

ClioSport Club Member
  V6 255, 182 Trophy
Looks amazing! Polar opposite to the same old, same old COD trailer they just released.

Can't wait!

Only reason they have bundled modern warfare remastered with new one is to shift copies!

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ClioSport Club Member
Yeah I had pre-ordered the new COD purely for the remastered Modern Warfare, I've not played a COD since Black Ops 2! After watching this trailer I cancelled my COD pre-order and put one in for this, looks incredible.
  Fiesta Mk8 ST-3
I sure hope that they split the COD4 from the other COD down the line before release.

Any way here's a video and he makes a great comment about in prevoius BF about lock on stingers and all that s**t and it takes no skill to use them. And in this BF1 they weren't invented so it should be more skill based game and this sounds superb to me. That's why i like BF now it's getting more and realistic

Just to add the lock ons is one or the worst thing that was added to BF, gets my goat up
  Punto HGT Abarth
I wasn't sure at first but I'm starting to get excited for this.

Battlefield 4 and Hardline are currently £8 each on PS Store so I couldn't resist getting them.