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BB Tuning Clio Max Power!

  Abarth Grande Punto

Has anyone else seen the BB Tuning Clio in this next months MAx Power??

250bhp possible 380bhp!!


page 175 check it

Yeah i agree the badges are not good at all.

Nick dont put big badges on the rear like BB tuning clio turbo

well you certainly could hear the BB turbo from a long way away, the dump valve was soooooo loud

subtle is the best way if you have a rapid car, make it like a street sleeper

i got the printout from the turbo if any one wants it I will scan oit and email it to peeps. The car was amazing, anyone who didnt go to the RR missed out big time. I want to see it race other turbos and see just how quick it is on the road.
  Golf GTi DSG

I shouldnt mind a copy of it -"> if your sending em out and dont mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!

would be very interesting in a race,

from what nick read was saying about it, when you boot it, it has been set up so well that it wants to spin up in most gears but wont and just pulls through the revs
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Wheel spin i take it bambam not Turbo spin cause you want that!

I think the badges, the door transfers, front silver mesh and BB Tuning stickers on vent look AMAZING. Why have a car that can take on 911 Turbos, and the 911 driver thinking your not worthy?

Nick get the turbo badge surely?

So it was at a RR day, its not impressive unless seen raced on a strip or track?

Practical 17s on Clio is pretty special as well. Can any one spare 6k for a man in dispare?

I did feel that they could have done more with the clocks, it was all bog standard at the RR apart from a boost guage where the time clock used to be. They should have made the backing of the clocks red like the williams blue ones. It would have matched everything then.
  BMW 320d Sport

No turbo badges for me. In fact Im just in the middle of a programme of exterior subtlety and smoothness - all the locks off, all the badges off, tailgate smoothed, big spoiler maybe swapping for a small original one, big 18s off and swapped for lightweight 17s. Front drop tape coming off for a proper front splitter just come over from France, need to keep the thing glued to the road for those top speed runs!