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Beat a new M3 in my CUP today!!!!!

I was about to say well done Dan and I never knew Cups were that fast.

You never know though with all the talk of new kit coming out for the cup.......


i dunno, itll take alot of work, altho i think CUPSIZE will be there soon enough with all his group n stuff!
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I beat a new Cup today in my RT!!!;)

Im gonna go find me an M3!


p.s Im bored as well, manager has gone out to lunch so its Cliospot time!

what you plannin cupsize? after my rr results im pleased as! waitin for some cash to do some serious mods!

You lads talk about yours but Ill be there competing at Santa Pod this year thats for sure! Ive got some mods on ice at present which will make the Sangy mobile a formidable weapon!


(Yes, Im bored as well...)

I was going to say..

Im going to be doing a bit of midnight racing in the M3 tonight as im insured for another 12 days, ill try and find you!!

Yeah we can have a drag from round the corner of the police station near the broadway and carry on going down the road alongside the shopping centre as its about half a mile of 2 laned straight road ;)

I intend to. Am going to a GTI-R organised meet at Santa Pod on the 26th of Jan where Im going to take on my mate (weather permitting) Im expecting to get murdered but itll be a laugh!

I hope by the time the summer is here ill be racing a few of you lot up there!
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thats nothing - last week the Puppy pasted the Space Shuttle, and I wasnt even trying. Even got 32mpg while at it, too. :D


lol! I see quite a lot of races there when i go up there saturday nights for a drink, theyre always gone before the police see them as it turns into a more urban area after that stretch of road. No cameras either until youre quite far down.

im 20, rob whered you drink in brom? i do the usual crawl, weatherspoons, then up to the bell, pamph, townhouse and sometimes even delanos.

How are you 17?!?! whos bmw is it?

Its my dads! Im insured just for 2 weeks whilst my problematic clio is getting sorted. Its the same one for sale, being replaced by a different coloured one with slightly better spec and an Audi V6 TT, both arriving september!

I go to weatherspoons quite a lot, i used to go to bexleyheath but as theres quite a few shootings there i give it a miss more often!

welldeffo have to meet up rob, and i think tom is in the area too, i wanna see how bad id be killed by a m3! lol!

lol, like being strangles slowly. The big thing is the 0-100, in 11.5 which is quicker than my dads other car, a vantage DB7. Thats 6 secs better than yours. The most impressive thing about the car is the brakes though, 60-0 in 2.6secs and it doesnt dance about, it just stops. My dad hates the look of it but wants another purely because of the driving experience which i think gives a verdict of just how good a car the M3 is.

Theres quite a few people in the local area, like rockport and steve_rt, we should arrange a mini gathering. Im quite keen to check out r-tec as i havent been there yet.

Just above north london. Depending on speed :devilish: about half an hour. Im a master of getting lost, thats why i would want to get lost with other people lol

Cool. Ideally on a dry weekend so i can whup some cup ass ;) Maybe next month? , which coincidently is the same month as my birthday..feeling generous?
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tim, thought yod got rid of the williams? or you got anpther now then, ps, is that your motor in my autocar group test?
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Ah go on away with ya. You couldnt beat an egg in yer cup.

BTW I have toasted loads too.... Bread mostly!

Bored too;)