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Been offered a 172 in exchange for my 206!!

  Mini Cooper
Im 19 (20 in december) and have just been offered a part ex on my car thru ebay!!
Its a 172 with loadsa extras, here it is:

and this is my car, a 2001 206 lx!!

id love to do this swap, but am worried about insurance!! anyone else on here got a 172 at my age, and if so, how much is insurance and who thru!?


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m8 you will be hard pushed to get insured at 19...hard enuf at 20(with 2 yrs NBC)! but if you got a spare £2000+ to spend on insurance then go for it!!
  clio 172 sport
get it if you can afford insurance pal im 23 3 yrs no claims and i pay£1100 fully comp get some proper power :cool: by the way nice 172 and 206.
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humm, remember petrol costs as well matey you'll be going from 42mpg ish to 32mpg

try directline for quotes

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The 172 looks nice, I don't like the weird numberplate though, it looks illegal? Shame about the scratch too.

Your eBay ad says you now have a company car though, so why would you want to p/x?
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i had my 172 when i was 18. had no ncb, and 3 points, paid 3.7k per year.. not to bad eh lol... only dropped by 500notes in the second year


Seems a good swap though.

depends on your postcode and NCB as to how the insurance will be.
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Good luck getting a decent quote at your age with a company that will accept mods..... i tried...... i failed, looks like its standard for me for about a year.

Can't view e-bay at work but is the 172 the silver one on e-bay with 17's, rollcage etc etc??

If so, he said he has to get rid for insurance reasons..... i think this lil car may look pretty but may have been thrashed! (this is my personal opinion and in no way represents the views of other cliosport members!!! i thank thee!!!!)
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There are a few guys on here who have 172's and under 20. Ben_P was one of them iirc. Try making a post in the insurance section and asking about prices etc
  car? need a license 1st!
as soon as i looked at that pic i knew it was burnley tesco you can tell straight away :D

I'm from just over the hill in sabden! nice cars!!!

Insurance is going to be a stunner tho! Try Adrian Flux
  Mini Cooper
ii burnley tesco rules for pics, lol!!

yeah im thinking the clio has been ragged, so gunna giv it a miss!! plus the reg doesnt come up when i try to get it valued on glass's!! bit sus so im gunna leave it!!

ps im getting a p/x as il be getting a compnay car so my girlfriend will be having my car, and she loves clios, so may aswell swap mine for a clio, as shel be driving it!!
With it being modified you'd struggle anyway, i'm 21 and i get turned down for a modified 172 by quite a few companies.
  Black 172
I bought a Clio 172 yesterday. I am 19 (20 in two weeks). I searched loads for insurance. Best I could find was with Elephant at £2200 - fully comp. I have one year's NCB.
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If u cant afford insurance, trade the 206 for the 172, sell the 172 and surly u will have made a wee profit.

That guy is a melon, thats for the p/x.
  RenaultSport clio 172 mk2
have you hpi'd it ?

what exhaust is on, if its a normal 182 exhaust it would point to the car being rear ended, cutting away the wheel well etc to fit it - you wouldent cut a wheel well away on a non written off car.

If it is somthing like a K-tec then abit of coin has been spent and its probably a great buy !

just my thoughts