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Been taking pics of my Willy again.....

  Clio Williams 1, 182,197

Fooking lovely mate !!

Mind you those wheels have been refurbed !! And they couldnt be bothered to put the silver finish on the rim edge !!

Not to put the car down, coz it is fooking mint !!;)

Three hours of elbow grease on Saturday. Im amazed its not got covered in crap in the 2 days between as usual. I was getting sarcastic comments from passers by about the length of time Id spent rubbing my Willy.... :eek::oops:

Leigh - yup, so the garage that I got it from told me...then again, most people wont tell the difference. Ill get them re-done properly some time.
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Looks mint that mate, still havent seen it in the flesh yet! Are u goin to the RR in April?

Craig - yup, Ill be there.

Paul - nope, bugger off!

Ben j - Sorry to disappoint....just getting the camera out again now... :devilish:


is it me, or when that person posted apic of their cup in a field... or something.. everyone said nice scenery..

so since then.. i remembered that..

and took it to a cliff and took a pic over looking the bay..

now rhys took a scenic piccy..

whos next lolol

looking very nice tho dude..

thought it was mine!:D

I think your willy looks great rhys. :oops: All that time buffing has turned it a really nice dark blue colour...

The question - can anyone else get more innuendo out of this willy gag or not?

Well, my Willy might be shiny after all that time I spend rubbing it, but my knob is starting to look a bit worn. Its probably because I grip it too tightly when Im driving.

BRUN - its the Strines and if youre in Manchester, it isnt far from you. And yes, it is very good fun and sh*t scary too! There are three quality hairpins spread throughout the road and a good few straights. I dont drive it any more as it kills the car (a wee bit bumpy!)


PS: Whats wrong with my aerial...? You are all just slaves to fashion!

PPS: Where do I get a shorter aerial from? :oops: