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Bell Insurance....+ Mods


ClioSport Club Member
  Evo 6/Ph1 v6/R34
Anyone under 21 insured with Bell under their own name and got mods declaired? I would like to know how much they charge for having coilovers on your car, my insurance is expensive as it is, and i'm not even sure if they will allow mods coz i'm under 21!

Any help or pointers very welcome!!! I'm going to phone them but was wondering if anyone on here could give me an answer before i call.

  Renault Clio
Hey man, why dont you just do a quote?

I have done them before and they are quite mod friendly actually though im not insured with them atm. For example my mk2 ph1 clio with 16inch wheels, sports suspension kit, body coloured bumpers and stereo covered was just under 800.

However this quote would be presuming i have got 2 yrs no claims bonus (because i will have in january and wanted to see prices etc etc). Im 19 for reference.

do a quote mate!