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Good man my friend,

Id love to try some of the cart stuff & should I be able to handle it and the cost maybe some more (not a pauper but have to set limits).Only done a bit of rallying a few years back (met. had a rally team in my time). Willing to pay the price. Where do I go for some good instruction etc.

e-mail me on


maybe my server is slow. my addrees is not the sne as my forum name.

I know I should not teach U to suck eggs

Broadband is usually v good.


sorry M8, must be BTOPENWORLD yet again will respond as I want the rush.

Will need more than one e-mail as I understand U R not ness. in UK.. Would want contact with an instructor or the like. Esp. for my first outing. Not much confidence or faith in just doing track days for fun.

Understand the costs though.

Speak soon


karting is easy to get into....too easy!!!
anyway, if you buy one for 1000 quid (a top kart then!!!) tyres 40 quid a set, rebuild every 9 hrs etc etc.

you could go testing first at tracks, and get the hang of it..just start off slow (not too though) and build up.

i can give you my most valuable pointer if you wish, but they only really apply to karting and single seaters.

growing up in karts, it has given me the advantage that you you find most F1 drivers have.

i am very snappy with the car and wrestle it around as opposed to smooth like you used to be told. But it only works on the right chassis, tin tops require smoothness....or youll just wash out the front.

But the best thing is left foot braking, it makes life so easy, and regulating the brake instead of the throttle settles the car in tightning radius corners etc.

if you want, il explain sennas old techniques etc.....and the McClarens old trim brake pedal before it got banned.


Jeeeeez Ben..

Ya got me wanting to go Karting lol...

I would have to lose a few stone first though

I remember racing karts around the airfield perimeter road at StMarys (Isles of Scilly) when I was a kid.. (I lived there so we did it on Sundays lol).. Cant remember the kart make, but the engine was a Guatzoni (not sure of the spelling )..

Went like stink !

then one day in the summer a gal had the steering pin break and ran into barbed wire.. they stopped it then

It was great for a year or two though..

Now its just indoor karting for who buys the beer nights..

got me thinkin though dood..


Cheers Ben,

can mange that and yes U R R8, big culture shock.

Will e-mail 2moro.

reading posts 2nite and need a sensible head on for any poss. contacts U may have.

Regards and its nice to see some peps. like some of the threads W/O agro.

Mark (the one who at present doesnt know where 2 start


thats what I mean. No track days, Id rather spend more and get 1 2 1 treatment before I commit.

Make sense. Will speak to BEN and see if it can be done

Will sort if can


go to bed and when you come back, youre totally lost!!!

are we talking karting or cars?

club100 karting is great, proper race karts, no clutch, direct drive, 0-60 in about 5-6 sec (depending on weight) and top out near 75mph.

the car thing ar the bedfordautodrome where my mate instructs is great.....4 tracks!!!!!

all day tuition, but if i ask, im sure theyll let you out on your own once you prove you self.

i wouldlove to meet yoou guys and have a great day consuming petrol...then a few pint after.

Yeah, a few stone wouldnt go amiss on a kart!!!

im 57" and 136lbs!!!! so about the perfect racing frame!!!

in karting, i was even lighter and the weight limit was 120kg....they had to add about 40kgs of lead to my seat!!!!

good thing is, i could make corner weights perfect, so that helped with the wins!!! haha you want tuition right?

The its gotta be palmers....we coud potetially go through 15 different types of car in a day.