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Bent my 172

  Ford Focus 1.4 LX

Well after 5 years without a prang i have gone and bent the Clio thanks to numbnuts in a Vectra a couple of weeks back.

On a big roundabout, i was coming round, had not been in car long so tyres were cold and he decides to pull out onto the roundabout across me at the last moment and then change his mind and stop right in front of me across the roundabout.

I meanwhile have stamped on the anchors and tried to avoid him, and the back end has come round. I caught it as it came but it snapped severely the other way and spun me round and i banged the rear on the kerb hard. Side airbag went off right in my ear, which was a bit painful. Meanwhile numbnuts has driven off.

Have had the car inspected and the damage is:

Bent rear axle, bent real wheel hub, buckled wheel, damaged tyre, new seat required due to airbag going off. all pyrotechnics for airbags need recharging.

Have a guess how much.......£3200 !!!!! Theres no body damage, so i thought that is a bit steep. Renault special ordered a seat in from France and the wrong one turned up so i have been driving a 1.0 Micra for nearly 3 weeks now :(

  Abarth Grande Punto

I personally think it is VECTRA DRIVERS! I think they are the worse of the road, one ploughed into me last Mon 23rd and about 6 months ago one squeezed past me on a single track road with obviously no room and dented my door. No offence to any vectra drivers!!

What is going on!!!:mad:

An investor in my dads company bent the axle on a DB7 Vantage when they both went on the aston martin high speed training course. All he did was go off and hit a manhole cover.

At 130mph. lol

Commiserations to druddle, though im not suprised by the price to be honest.
  CTR EK9 turbo

Ouch! Sorry to hear that Druddle. I cant believe some people - why on earth did he/she stop!!!? arrrrg. Why cant people just learn how to drive and look where they are going for a change? The problem is not everyone cherishes their cars like us and take pride/enjoy driving them.

True. I think there needs to be a radical change in driver testing. I think people should retake there tests every 5-10 years and more often once above 60. That should hopefully account for poor eyesight as well as driving.


  Shiny red R32

Vectra drivers are probably careless because nine out of ten have not had to pay for their cars themselves, as they are almost all company cars. Not surprising really, would you buy a Vauxhall Vectra?

  Ford Focus 1.4 LX

Got the car back last Friday. Total bill £4200 !!!!!!!!! Fookin ell ! £2400 of it was the front seat and airbags and seatbelts. The rest was the axle, wheel hub, bearing, axle subframe, wheel and brakes.

Its got to go back tomorrow as they didnt fit the front seat properly.

Guy said that if there had been some body damage or the front passenger airbag had gone off they would write the car off as it would cost too much to repair.

Looks like the garage are on the fiddle tho as they have charged for 2 wheels and tyres, and one tyre. I only had one wheel and tyre replaced.


sh*t! thats what i mean when i say that cars are so fragile; my front wheel hitting the kerb has caused about £800 worth of damage, and as im 3rd party its coming out of my fookin pocket!

just out of interest dave, did you get the bodyshop or a garage to repair it? not sure where to take mine, almost identical daage to yours but w/o the airbag...and mines at front.