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best alternative to original clio 182 exhausts

  Clio 182 cup
hi guys, a few days ago I opened a post asking about alternatives to the original 182 catalyst ... because at 2,000 laps I have a rrrrrrr rrrrrrrrr sound I am not sure if it is the catalyst itself or the final exhausts ..

I wanted to ask you what is the best option to mount that is not the original final exhausts ... from what I have hated and seen "I think" that the option I like the most is the MILTEK line ...

What do you think ... which one is the best in terms of sound / performance compared to the original 182 ... I wonder if the noise finally comes from the original exhausts
  Clio 182 cup
Janspeed, I've tried them all and for quality, fitment and discretion in volume I wouldn't fit anything else now.
you know what I don't like about the janspeed which is just 1 single final escape instead of 2 as it originally comes... my 182 is standard and I'm afraid of losing cv and pair by putting only 1 silent compared to how it comes from factory ...

Coops Mk1

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It's quieter than a milltek with two boxes and weighs a lot less so won't ruin exhaust hangers. Plus it's none adjustable and fits perfectly as a result.

I've had a milltek and it was rubbish in comparison
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there is no one who makes or sells only the final exhausts ????

is that practically all use the cat back with intermediate silencers or straight tubes that make the final price more expensive ... in addition to shipping costs (I'm from Spain)


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  Clio 182
I've got a KTEC catback. I didn't like it at first but I really like the noise from it now, it's not overly boomy tbh and gives off a good sound, especially under WOT.


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I had the K-Tec centreline on my 182, with a silenced decat it was only slightly louder than standard (think standard Clio 200) and the fact it used its own mounting system meant it didn't budge, it ALWAYS sat perfectly, which I could never get with some other systems