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Best Bargin Clio!!

Just picked up a Clio for the Misses. Being shes a poor student type I had to pay so it had to be cheap, realiable and insurable!!

so ....... 1.2 or 1.4

Well no .... still a 1.8!! Got a 1.8 RT. Its a 8v monopoint engine. produces a decent but not amazing 95bhp (so stage one should see 105ish RSI type pace). Very simple under the bonnet, you can can the belts, altinator, theremostat, oil etc with the car on the ground, in one bit and the engine in, but get this ......

K-reg, 68k on the clock, very nice condition in a met blue (bit girly but she loves it) .... £800!! Even had the cam belt done and the tyres are almost new!

AND its a GROUP 7!! thats £350 a year for a 20 year old with only 2 years no claims!!

Yeah its no 16v and it only comes in a 5 door (would make an excellent "sleeper") but if you need a cheap to run but still fun clio can you get a better bargin??