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best experience in a clio...

Got to be when i took the Cup on a test drive and fighting with the torque steer. Didnt loose my virginity or anything intresting like that in a clio.


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going up a very steep hill, flooring it, hitting 80mph, car leaving the ground on a small flat bit ... :eek:

Well its hard to say really, when i first drove my clio i was all "f**king yes i have my own car!" so that was a good moment but i had a great drive in 172 at brands last August. It was lapping faster than my old mk1 Golf and it was just a lot more fun than i thought it would be, the steering was neutral, progressive, it was predictable yet entertaining. Throttle adjustability is spot on too, oh and mid range surge was impresssive. I could go on but basically i enjoyed it a lot!

this could get some very interesting replys :)

smae for me tho first test drive in a 172 as it tried to pull me straight across the road and into a lamp post as i floored it off a rounda bout then to have the women that was in the car go ooh yeah i forgot to tell you about that !!!!!

when the 1st MK1 come into the country and my dad brought it home.......and i had a go....:D

"ooooo, quite fast"

Since i wrote off my mint 19000 J reg AX GT having to drive an E reg Mazda 323LX with 130,000 on the clock Gold and brown in colour for 2 years, just getting behind the wheel of my valver was the best experience for me.....


Im with Reth, everytime I put down some power and the car takes on a mind of its own.


Everytime I everytime I see the face of some muppet in a Rep-mobile who cant believe his Vecta got blown away by a CLIO!

I Love My Car!

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Quote: Originally posted by ClioJohn on 26 February 2003

did you and tom go for a drive fred?
Cheeky sod!!!! i was just checking my arch clearance with the help of a female friend, if you get me???;)
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I havent driven my car for ages and two weeks ago my mate bought a valver. I took it out for a spin and let him feel the valvers turbo and pinning him to his seat while toasting a Cavy Sri
  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

Once went over a v small but steep humpback bridge at 80mph. took off and when i landed the bottom of my car hit the floor and ripped the whole exhaust off!!! LMAO!! Not my current car BTW!!
  1995 Mondeo Speed Machine

The day after I got mine lowered and had the new wheels and tyres fitted I was testing my new found handling ability. I went round a left handed going way to fast, the front right bottomed out and I ended up going sideways across the road and somehow got it together after going onto the soft verge on the other side.. Serious brown trouser moment when you realise it could have gone very tits up!!!

Still, you gotta find out where the limit is!;)


When i bought mine, i wasnt allowed to drive it till i paid for it coz loads of test pilots wanted to see what it can do. So i had to drive it home. hadnt driven anyrhing with that kinda power..... ACE
  Clio 197

About 200 laps of the ring...

Probably the best was passing a prepped 911 with the driver wearing a helmet and firesuit. And us four up with the kids in the back cheering.

Having just bought the Willie and was thinking this is as fast as I thought it would be, having owned similar cars - then putting my foot down to the top of the revs for the first 3 gears and thinking this is miles quicker than I thought it would be - Nice:D Either my last cars were slower than they should have been or this is quicker - I think its getting RRd in April.

fred, your female friend was a bit of a "go-er" eh:)

the clio aint the most spacious in the back is it:)

Id say the best moment "related" to my car was when someone came into my work(halfords) and asked "who owns that lovely clio outside"...hehe i smiled all day:)

the worst would defo by my sliding into wa all experience.
  320d M Sport

Hmm, has to be when i drove past these kids (about 7/8) and they were arguing that my car faster than a Ferrari!! Ha, didnt have the heart to tell them....
  320d M Sport

i know, thing is they knew what model my car was!! I was well impressed, "e yar yo, thats a Cliosport innit, theyre rapid." Thats what they said! Sad or what but i couldnt stop laughin!
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best moment in a clio ............ now thats a hard 1 lol

its gotta be driving thru a 30 mph zone at 115+ with me mrs sat at the side of me diggin her nails into my hand and my mate askin me where i was goin in such a hurry on the fone with the other hand and a fukkin mini roundabout comin up quik

my son was born about 20 mins later hehe

was in my old valver and at about 4 in the morning, got to the hospital far quicker than any ambulance would have lol
  Clio 172 cup

Best moment....

christening the drivers seat with the girlfriend and then her getting her foot stuck in my momo steering wheel!! he he!!

no seriously, getting pulled doing 103mph on Ripon bypass by a local copper, and he let me off because my dad lets him shoot rabbits on our fields!!!

When I took my car for a test drive and the salesman suddenly went quiet. It was a clear road, dry and with new tyres but i dont reckon he was used to any speed above 50 mph (it was funny!).

hmm, probably humbling my mates 20v coupe up to certain speeds and twisty stuff. Beating that same mates 328i upto 110mph, infact, anything to do with convincing non-clio believers in the performance of these things when driven right


  Audi TT Stronic

Quote: Originally posted by paddymph on 26 February 2003
i know, thing is they knew what model my car was!! I was well impressed, "e yar yo, thats a Cliosport innit, theyre rapid." Thats what they said! Sad or what but i couldnt stop laughin!

The obviously didnt cause its a RenaultSport Clio 172 not a Cliosport..LOL