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Best Handling Mods ever for 172!

On Friday I popped down to Powerstation in Cheltneham for some work on the clio.

These lads fitted me some new Eibach springs and 2 Camber bolts on the front so the car can have its camber adjusted.

The result after these 2 little mods is unbeleivable now!! The car has minimum body roll, corners twice as good as it did in standard form. It feels like a completely different car now! best mods anyone can make for a couple hundred quid.

The front wheels have been re cambered so they are ponting out a little bit but it looks a bit more agressive, in the wet yesterday it was quite hard to provoke the car. Anyone thats a little weary of their clio in the wet be assured that this mod will transform it in the wet as I found out! so much bite from the front end and the rear end is just as tight. No more lift off oversteer on this car even though it was fun, now its just out and out grip! :eek:

Thought I would share this with you.


Eibach Springs = £120
Camber Bolts = £50
Alignment = £50
Labour = varies but quite cheap.


Yep tyre wear will come down a little bit but not much as its not adjusted that much. Its about the same as ive had on all my scoobs in the past and the road tyres lasted for ages.

Powerstations no is: 01242 238400!

They have put 1 degree Neg Camber on mine! I use to have 3 degree on my scoob and it lasted a good 6000 miles on tyres with no probs until I tracked it at Dono and those tyres became DEAD

Cool might have to get those babys fitted with my strut brace next when I can be arsed to spend more money on the car


can you explain where or how exactly is that chamber adjuster bolt installed ?

do you meaby have a picture of how this looks like ?


Agreed, I would like to see the bolt arrangement or at least hear a description of such.

I posted re neg camber a few weeks back, and yes, very worthwhile..

Just a point though Ringer... (I hope thats not your occupation lol ??)

Dont be convinced about the power off oversteer.

that occurs mainly when the front end is understeering (Slipping laterally)

by adding neg camber you give more bight to the front in a roll cornering situation... PO Oversteer occurs when you switch from understeer to a reduction of power, the front end grip suddenly comes back in, the car is unbalanced, and the lighter rear tries to overtake ya lol..

What you have now is more front end grip so the naruaral tendancy to understeer is reduced, therefore the tendancy for power off oversteer is reduced..

WHEN it occurs now (AND IT WILL - but will be much harder to induce).. it will occur with a bang.. so be carefull.. not a problem if you are prepared and ready, but a serious problem if you are not...

you havent cured it, just made it occur later..

be prepared young Skywalker, the force may bite yer ass !!..

once you are used to it though, you wont go back to girlie mode neutral camber and safe but boring understeer tendancies..

have fun..

pics of mods to camber requested please.


Im really sorry chaps I dont have any pics of it and I cant really be bothered to take off a dirty wheel and take a piccy, it means I have to charge camera, install software thats been sitting around for a year etc etc

I would but cant if you know what I mean.

Regarding the oversteer, last night I really tried hard to push it into lifting off but beleive me even on small and huge roundabouts it was near impossible!!!!

I personally think I can drive, Oh the User ID Ringer = I go to the Nurburgring alot hence Ringer! not car Ringer


lt of people think they can drive...
JK, if you make the effor t go to teh ring, then your definately above average....otherwise you car would still be there.

you wanna come with capt, me and blaise when we organise a palmer motorsport experiece, we get to try the new cliosup cars!!!

im trying to org it!

BenR - Is that right that youre trying to organise another track day with clio cup cars to drive, I would be soooo up for this. Missed the Renault day one as couldnt book the time off....when you planning on doing this???

Chun, dont say that matey, the fun of it IS taking your car on the track, and the PalmerSport tracks are prob. the best you can drive first off, cos of the lack of things to hit (except one )

Come on, its really good fun, and youll be able to learn loads about your car - Safely


Ringer, what is your Clios camber setting now?
In my Clio RS (Clio 172 in Britain) front camber is set to -1 degrees 15 minutes. This setting doesnt increase tyre wear very much, just a little bit.

Hande my settings are 1 degree and your right about the tyre wear.

Phil Gardner wont mind as he is known as RINGA! look at his cool plate.