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best pannel filter for a 1.2 16v?

  Clio Campus sport
Does anyone know the best pannel filter for a 1.2 16v? I've seen K&N, Pipercross, Green and BMC for all around the same ammount. I'm not after more noise (thats what the exhaust is for) I'm after a little more oomph from the engine.


ClioSport Club Member
ive got a k&n panel filter, just upgrading to a new pipercross kit though, could be for sale?
been on the car for about a month?made a tiny difference to noise, only when listening hard, and made the revs pull up a bit faster, but not sure if there were any power gains.

Jeff simply

ClioSport Club Member
  BMW M4; S1000 RR
Try forced induction from an air compressor. It'll be like NOS mann!!!

On a serious note, you're not going to get noticalbe gains from an air filter, although some people will say you will.

I use a K+N simply because I can reuse it, induction kits are all about the noise really, you can even set up your stock box with a cold air feed that will do the exact same job as a pipercross system.

So yes, all filters in essence are the same. They're marketed to give performance gains, but as I said, you'll be lucky to get anything unless your current filter is made of glass.