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Best people to insure my 197 F1

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Just picked up a 197 F1 and getting a few quotes, seem to be very expensive to me

I have tried Sky, Greenlight and flux along with a few others

Any ideas
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The general consensus will be to get a quote before you buy the car, in reality you should just keep ringing around, if you get a decent quote ask if they can reduce it further.
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Then ring the people with the best qutoes and get a fresh quote altogether, in case it trims it by a few quid.
If you're young/high risk/not-too-interested-in-modifying then Admiral/Elephant/Bell are one of the cheapest companies out there currently.


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Brentacre have always been cheapest for me, although I would probably still go with them for the level of customer service even if they were a little more expensive.