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Best price for ........


ClioSport Club Member
Car is in need of service soon so.....

Where is currently the cheapest place for 4 NGK PFR6E-10 Spark Plugs?

Silkolene Oil?? (Opie Oils??)

Oil Filter

  CLIO 172 CUP....
i paid £45.00 for a set of ngk pfr6e-10....think yoor fined these plugs are around £45-50 were ever you go..

oil filter around £5-8 pounds got mine from gfs motor store... cant help on oil...


ClioSport Club Member
Should i be thinking about changing the gearbox oil aswell?

Car is on 98k and I'm not sure how long its been since it was last done.
use opie oils becomer a member and you will get discount. 5w 40 any brand really as long as its fully synthetic.