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Best products for black car


ClioSport Club Member
  911 GT3 & Audi Q8
so i have just purchased a black mk4 golf r32, coming from a silver car to a black one is going to be a mssive change.

The car has a few light marks on it and in time im hoping to get rid of these. Ive herd good stuff about Meguiars swirl x, is it a good product? And also what are the best products and a sensible price for black cars?



ClioSport Club Member
  Mini GP1, Clio 182
autoglym ultra deep shine is good on black cars! really good at hiding swirls
Firstly, black cars need the same products for correction as any other colour chap, just obviously show the marks more :(

Secondly, VAG paint!! i.e. it is bloody hard. Best thing, ask Ben_P on here. He recently detailed his R32 (albeit a bluepurple) and had a serious mission on his hands! Glad I didn't do it now!
  Megane R26
What's your budget?

Presumably you want good durability over winter? What do you already have?

As above, VAG paint is generally (but not always, so don't assume this!) quite hard. If you don't have a Rotary, you will struggle.
  A well built VW
I did a Black Astra Gsi last week (machine polished first) then I used CG blitz followed up with Megs #16 and was very happy with the end result plus its not going to cost you much for the products and both are a doddle to apply