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Best Snow Foam


ClioSport Club Member
  Rangie Sport, Westie
Mines old and a bit shite even when used neat.

Whats good these days?


ClioSport Club Member
AF Avalanche
AB Magifoam
DJ iFoam

Just three off the top of my head that seem to get rated well.
AB Magifoam - Can recommend this. Had my 5L bottle for the past year and a half or so, works well and lasts forever. It foams up REALLY nicely (I found some others hardly foam) and can be left for 5-10min easily.
  Honda & VW
Fill your bottle up with hot water only and give it a blast until empty, perhaps repeat this then try with your foam solution again (ensuring its diluted with warm water).

otherwise, AMFoam is very good