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Best stereo about

What is the best stereo for a car that money can buy. My dads mate is after one, and says money is no object.

He said about an alpine touch screen sat nav jobby. But i think there are better ones out there if money is no object.

He wants the best sound quality and isnt to fussed about the looks. But it has to do everything

Nak 700 is pretty good, as it the f#1 alpine unit

for a little less £££ the alpine 7998 is pretty much top dog for sound quality

if he wants the best unit go for one of the alpine flag ship model (eg Alpine CDA7990 F1 )


Clarion DRZ9255

but these are not touch screen jobbies, they are just great HU for sq, so not sure if its what he is looking for

cheers rorrie, im not really sure what he is looking for either. I dont know if he wants one that gives sh*t hot sound or just has more gadgets than you can wave a stick at.

I should be seeing him this weekend so i shall speak to him and get a better idea of what he wants.