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Best Valver Engine Bay

Heh. You love it.

Thats not when Mat had it.. dont think Mat had the JBL stickers etc..

Also, the bolts didnt have red paint on them either.. That was a while after he sold it I think?
  Golf V6 4Motion

sound mate. I cant upload at the moment either - as soon as you can go for it mate because Im looking for some inspiration. In the pipline is a Pace Oil Cooler, Pace Rad, Pace Header Tank, Carbon/Stainless plenum cover and spark plug cover with painted or polished head. And set of samcos. Just interested to see what everybody has done as well - ie oil caps, steering fluid, etc bottles - anyone used a swirl pot etc. Nice one lads.
  Golf V6 4Motion

yeah - that carbonnut stuff is excellent by the looks of things. that fuse box in carbon luks a bit nice for valvers - would be a nice addition. anyone else got a photo of a sweet valver engine bay?
  Golf V6 4Motion

yeah mate - email me at"> if you like with photos or just wait till its working dood. does anybody know of anywhere that makes s/s power steering tanks for valvers? one lad unfortunatly had to get one custom made (though it does luk the dogs danglys) and cost him £200. If someone had these in production they would be costing half that surely? cheers

  Golf V6 4Motion

very nice. pauls engine bay is definatly the nicest looking valver bay I have seen personally unless anybody wants to prove me wrong and show me something with chrome everywhere?!!!!!!!!!! go on!
  Golf V6 4Motion

yeah man thats well tidy. is that a bailey header tank, polished inlet and head and set of magecors? Does the trick dood!

anymore for any more?!

winston. how come youve got a 16v manifold on your car if its got a willy lump in it, surely the tubular one would be better than the cast one? and it would look much nicer too

hill_power_clio - Polished cam cover, inlet manifold and bailey header tank, magnecores and a carbonnut engine mount cover.......but the block, subframe and engine mounts are sprayed blue....... sump, head and gear box are sprayed grey. cant see most off it with the car built back up

simon_elvin - The willy manifold, is better for High end torque, 4 in to 1 bad design really. The valver Manifold is better for low down torque, 4 in to 2, should have sprayed it black really lol maybe get a performance one at a later date?
  Golf V6 4Motion

yes mate - that is a proper phat mate! liking the style - makes it all so much cleaner dunt it. Can just imagine that with a s/s manifold and a set of jenveys on the front! bo selecta